About This Site

This page is for people who are interested in the software behind the site.

This website was written entirely by me, Cody Crow. I have looked and looked for something that provided this functionality, and when I couldn't find anything that was compatible with a paper scorebook, I wrote my own.

PHP logo

The vast majority of this website is written in PHP, specifically version 5.5. PHP has taken a lot of heat recently, but most of the common concerns are issues of the past, and PHP is still a very capable language used in many of the largest websites. I personally prefer Perl.

AngularJS logo

Some of this website's functionality, particularly the workspace, uses AngularJS. AngularJS is a JavaScript library/framework for the front end. Some people build entire applications using it, but I prefer not to.

jQuery logo

jQuery is another javascript library that is used for part of the website.

MariaDB logo

The database software used for this website is MariaDB, a fork of MySQL. It could have just as easily been Postgres, which has more features, but MariaDB is faster.