General Manager

General Manager is a sane, free way to manage your baseball team's statistics.

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Say Hello to Simplicity

No more iPad apps. No more touchscreens. The only thing a baseball team should have to worry about during a game is baseball.

Big League Stats

Get the latest in baseball statistical analysis. General Manager provides advanced statistics and sabermetrics so you can keep your team on par with the big leagues.

Immediately at your fingertips will be Base Runs, Runs Created, Isolated Power, Secondary Average, Fielding Independent Pitching, and others.

Team Management Tools

Look no further for easy to use, straightforward team management tools. General Manager compiles your team's statistics and analyzes performance, helping you to plan for future games.

Our no-gimmick lineup workspace allows you to create, view and edit potential lineups, while our Next Game feature shows you generated lineups and pitching rotations from the best modern techniques.

Pure Baseball

Technology is great most of the time, but in our opinion it has no place on the diamond. All any team should need is a bat, a glove, and a love for the game. We hope you agree.

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